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A great new App free from your local, proactive accountants

Elan & Co is a leading proactive firm of accountants. We are always looking for ways we can improve the service we offer companies and individuals across London, and that’s why we took the decision to launch our very own App. It’s available to you today and is completely free of charge to download. It’s available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

What does this powerful little App do?

The App has been developed by Elan & Co to give you access to key accounting data, in real time, whenever you need it.

The Elan & Co App will enable you to:

  • Access third-party software such as DropBox, Quickbooks, Xero and more.
  • Use the in-built Mileage Tracker, Receipt Manager and Income Tracker.
  • Deploy quick, automated responses to common client queries.
  • Create fast and effective Push Notifications – 5 times better than email!
  • Become the principal interface between your clients and your firm.

Photo Receipt Management, Email and Store

Never lose a receipt again! Using the latest app you can track receipts and expenses literally at the touch of a button. With minimal effort you can take a picture of any receipt and save it to your App. Any additional information can be added later and receipts stored by amount, category, and date.

It can help you track all your expenses with ease and enable us to interact electronically with you.

GPS Mileage Tracking and Management tool | iOS only

When it comes to mileage tracking, half the battle is keeping an accurate tab on your journeys. Using the built-in GPS in your device, it will automatically help you to track mileage, recording every single trip at the touch of a button. Plus, it also manages trips as well, storing them and allowing them to view, edit or email with complete ease.

Keeping in touch via ‘Push Notifications’

As a firm we are committed to finding ways to communicate and interact with local companies in the most efficient possible way. The new App enables us to send push notifications to all App users. We will be using this feature to share with you important news, deadline reminders and financial updates.

You can get your free App byr visiting our website URL: 

Refreshing to hear from a proactive firm who are technologically advanced?


Compared to most accountants, you’ll find us like a breath of fresh air!


Business is tough right now – and as ‘the cuts’ bite and interest rates start to rise, it may get even tougher. That’s why we have decided not only to launch this new App but also to offer local business owners like you the chance to participate in a FREE 2-hour Business Health check. One of our experienced directors will check out the basics with you, talk about your goals and ambitions and then provide you with a detailed report of ‘best advice’ for you and your business in the current climate.


Whether you are struggling and need support, or are keen to find a way to break through to the next level, you’ll get all the answers our experience can draw upon. It’s free and without obligation – but it will give you a good idea of the sort of service you should be getting from your preferred accountant. To register, simply call our Business Health check number 0207 403 1500 to set the ball rolling.

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