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10 Things that turn ordinary people into Entrepreneurs

  1. A desire to take the future into their own hands. Refusing to wait passively for opportunity to come their way. They don’t settle for standard or conventional path. Make deliberate choices. Create their own path – not let life just happen.
  2. A need for authentic freedom. What type of freedom? Own decisions. Own way.
  3. A need to create and own something.
  4. Recognising opportunities in problems.
  5. A dissatisfaction towards the flow of time. Some people wan to force their own timelines.
  6. A vision to create an impact.
  7. Financial independence. Wanting better not necessarily more.
  8. Breaking the poverty chain. Escaping the generational curse.
  9. Control over decision making.
  10. Realising their own potential.

Some people just want to prove others wrong when their idea is rejected- do you know they said motor cars will never catch on and who wants a colour tv or screen?

See the video on YouTube by following this link.

(1301) 10 Things That Turn Ordinary People Into Entrepreneurs - YouTube

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