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Tax Strategies

We deliver on our promise to help business owners keep more of what they earn and we can offer a vast range of tax planning services.. If you can relate to any of the following scenarios we may be able to significantly reduce your tax liability:

1. Limited Company making profits in excess of £100,000

If you are a limited company making taxable profits in excess of £100,000 you are facing a large corporation tax bill together with a large personal tax liability associated with distributing the profit. We can help distribute the profit without incurring higher rate tax whilst at the same time obtaining a corporation tax deduction. Through flexible planning we can allow you full personal access to the funds.

2. Contractor Earning £30,000 per annum or more

Operating as a limited company and concerned about the implications of IR35?  Paying your wife a wage or dividend - concerned about the impending income shifting legislation?

Are you working under an umbrella arrangement and dissatisfied with the amount you are receiving?

We have solutions to all of these situations that will be of interest to you.

3. Director of a Limited Company with an overdrawn director's loan account of in excess of £100,000

This in itself creates all sorts of problems, corporation tax advisers due on amount outstanding (repayable once the loan has been repaid), Class 1a National Insurance and personal tax liability.

We can offer you a solution to this problem which will allow you to effectively and efficiently repay an overdrawn director's loan account - without any impact on business or personal cashflow.

4. Stamp duty mitigation planning for property purchases over £250k (both residental and commercial).

These are only a few of the services that we can provide. We also offer solutions to the problems surrounding Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Allowances.  Please contact us for more information.

Early action is vital otherwise it may be too late to participate in one of our schemes.  The process of the schemes are stringent and it is important that they are adhered to. In the run up to the governments Pre-Budget and Budget reports we cannot guarantee that all of the schemes will be available.  Tax strategies are continually evolving so please get in touch to see how we can help you and your business.

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