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Online Accounting


A new way of bookkeeping and accounting that redefines the relationship between accountants and client.

Benefits to our clients:

Save time – access all your financial information, on demand 24/7 from any computer, even on your mobile phone. No need to be in the office to run your business!

Freedom from your desk – our solution will be all you need for maintaining your accounts, tracking payments and producing invoices for your customers

Advice - shared, real-time visibility to your current financial position, enabling us to review your accounts periodically to provide you with guidance and peace of mind

Job Costing and Project Management – manage your jobs and projects so you can make your work even more profitable

Appraisal & Planning – use the powerful reporting tools to analyse your business’ current health so we can work with you to develop your business further and effectively take advantage of tax benefits and reliefs

Compliance – you will receive reminders so you know when tax and accounts deadlines are approaching. This tool will help you maintain accurate records so you won’t need to worry about investigations, late filing penalties or interest

Safe and Secure – our solution uses bank level security to ensure all your data protected

Continuity – no need to employ addition staff. Just enjoy using this service with us for years to come and watch how it will liberate you

Quality – We will help you to keep your records correctly so that you work to budget, time and receive a quality service from us

Ease of Use – the software has been designed with you in mind. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to make the most out of our online accounting solution
Please contact us if you wish to take advantage!

If you own a retail or manufacturing business this solution may not be suitable for you. Please contact us so we can analyse you needs and decide on a solution that best suits you and your business.

Our monthly prices start from £ 45 + VAT for sole traders and from £ 55 + VAT for partnerships and limited companies. This includes annual accounts preparation, corporation tax return, payroll, VAT returns (if applicable) personal tax returns, and full access to our qualified and experienced staff.

We will periodically login to your account to ensure you have been using the system correctly and advise you. As OpenBooks is web based this can be done together over the phone and is a quick and simple way of ensuring your affairs are always as up to date and accurate as they can be.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how our online accounting package can improve your business - 0207 403 1500